What are some common excuses you hear on a frequent basis, or those that you yourself make?  Do they include:

I didn’t have time.
It’s nobody’s fault.
I didn’t know.
I don’t have the right team.
I had too many other things going on.
I was too tired to get to it.
I thought you meant…
I didn’t have the opportunities (leads, calls, etc) to succeed.
He forgot to do it.
It’s this economy. No one is buying anything.
They didn’t understand.
Other stuff came up.
It didn’t seem important.
Oh, that’s what you meant.
I thought you needed that next week.

I’m sure each of you can think of a few of your own examples.  And not just excuses from or about work, but why you didn’t hit the gym, return a call, go running, meet someone for drinks, do a chore around the house, answer a text, etc.